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Having Our Say, the Movie, is now available on-line from Amazon!  Get your copy of the movie here.

This story is about America's people. As it demonstrates how vision, tenacity and courage can help strong people prevail over seemingly insurmountable odds, it is also a testament to the human spirit, wherever it is found.

HAVING OUR SAY can be understood on different levels - as a story that celebrates America's people; as pointed commentary about prejudice, discrimination and social injustices; as a good story, told well; as an example of living history; and as reading, theatrical and filmic experiences.

Support for Teachers

Download a copy of the Study Guide in PDF Format.
Purchase a copy of the Poster.
Purchase a "Circles of Celebration" set which includes a copy of the movie, an exclusive interview with the Delany sisters and material for forming a Circle.

** All Paintings by Dahl Taylor **

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